Website Development
July 2023



Project Description

RMH Productions was asked by a new business owner to create their entire marketing image. This included a

name, logo, type, color pallet, tagline, mission statement, and website.

We first spent time with our client to fully understand what they were looking for and to set expectations. Our client gave us a blank canvas to allow for what we do best...create. RMH Productions was super excited to take this project on and create a brand image that stands out, matches our client's mission, and that our client loves.


Where in the world did twvi come from? As we met with our client, we quickly figured out that they wanted to stand out from the rest with a name that is exciting, different, and modern. The goal for twvi is to redefine aesthetics spa marketing across the greater metro Atlanta area. Twvi is trying to help med spas gain new clients, create working promotions, and thrive. RMH Productions took many hours thinking of elegant and modern name that matches the class of the medial spa industry and fits the current and future times. Finally, twvi was born.



After coming up with the stunning name twvi, RMH Productions needed to find the perfect font to match. We first started to search for a serif font that presents a high level of perstige and knowledge. We shortly realized that while a serif font looks great and is professional, it does not fit a modern time. We settled on a sans serif font called seasons that still hold the level of prestige while feeling modern and ahead of its time.


Creating a logo for twvi that would match the mission and deliver on the different while elegant criteria was a challenge. While just the name and font could have been good enough, having a symbol or trademark can help to make your business memorable as well as identifiable. The final design we came up with is a three leaf design that almost looks like a flower while representing a lively, growing, and beautiful symbol that matched the company goals.

twvi logo

Project Assets


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