Strange Klassics Gargae

Strange Klassics Garage

Website Development
June 2023

Strange Klassics Gargae

Strange Klassics Gargae

Project Description

Strange Klassics Garage is an auto restoration shop that specializes in repairing, inspecting, and restoring "Klassics". They have a large shop located in Pendergrass, Georgia where they perform all the work in house with a dedicated team of long time professionals who specialize in all different aspects of cars. The owner is great and does a great job for all of their clients.

SKG reached out to develop a new website for their shop. They had a simple website before, but it failed to showcase their work and their shop. SKG wanted a unique website that highlighted their professional, family run shop and large community of Klassic car enthusiasts. We noticed how detailed each project was and wanted to use some of SKG's great library of pictures as a main focus of the site. We stuck to the idea that one picture can speak a thousand words and choose to limit the amount of words on the page. The Showroom is a great place where SKG can show off all of their recent projects and give future clients inspiration for their own project. Another great thing about the showroom is that each photo can bring you to a unique page for each project where you can learn more about how the car was made. Over time, they will have a large collection of all their projects where SKG can showcase their work and the community can be inspired.

Strange Klassics Garage is also responsible for the Paw Paw Brown Community Project where anyone can come to their shop and help restore this old Ford Bronco. It doesn't matter if you have never worked on a car before or have years of experience, SKG opened up their shop to allow for everyone to pitch in on this community build. This was another focal point of the website: show that the community is a big part of Strange Klassics Garage. We created a page for current and upcoming events so community members know what is going on and can even RSVP for the event.

We opened this project with a meeting with Erin and Gabe who are the owners of the shop. RMH Productions learned the ins and outs of the classic car business and figured out what Erin and Gabe were looking for. They wanted an engaging website that presents the SKG brand and community. We then planned out some mock ups for the site and narrowed down to the final options. Once the plan was finished, it was time to develop their website. This took around 6-8 weeks to fully finish up. Erin and Gabe are happy with the results. All in all this was a great project and something that both SKG and RMH Productions are proud of. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Strange Klassics Garage and hopefully make some future improvements to their site.

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