Siemens & Electromatic Joint Forces Training

Siemens & Electromatic

Video Production
October 2022

Siemens & Electromatic Joint Forces Training

Siemens & Electromatic Joint Forces Training

Project Description

RMH Productions was tasked with filming a joint-forces training conference for Siemens and ElectroMatic in Tampa, Florida. The project involved filming multiple days of presentations, which amounted to over 24 hours of footage. To ensure a successful project, we used multiple cameras, with one mounted on a tripod to capture the presenter and the other on a gimbal to capture the audience and provide a second angle for the final video. By incorporating a second angle, we were able to keep the viewer engaged throughout the presentations.

To ensure that the video had professional-grade audio quality, RMH Productions made sure that the employees could clearly hear the presenters while watching the videos. There were a total of 12 presentations, each lasting approximately an hour. With two cameras running throughout the presentations, we ended up with over 24 hours of footage to go through and edit.

After a little under a week of post-production work, we were able to deliver a final product that the clients loved. We received multiple emails from the clients expressing their satisfaction with the videos and how they continue to use them with all of their employees. RMH Productions enjoyed working on this project and looks forward to working on similar projects in the future.

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