River Club GlowX Pickleball Event

Escalante River Club

Aerial Imagery
March 2022

River Club GlowX Pickleball Event

River Club GlowX Pickleball Event

Project Description

RMH Productions was asked to create a highlight video for a glow in the dark pickle ball event. This event took place on March 25, 2022 at The River Club located in Suwanee, GA. RMH Productions set up a photo station for all the members to get photos at and filmed the entire event in the dark. This was a challenging task to capture a high paced, action packed event with NO LIGHT! Nevertheless we managed to produce a great final product for our clients that included not only professional video, but also professional drone coverage. This added a unique viewpoint that captured all the action of pickle ball. We ended up creating two versions of the video: a 3-minute version and a 1-minute version. The River Club used this video to send out to all the members of the community and to those who joined us at the event as a way to promote their club events and provide the members with a great way to remember the great time they had while playing pickle ball in the dark.

RMH Productions also captured all the photos for the event. We were able to edit them that same night and send out the pictures to all the participants of the event so they could post about the great time. We believe the event was a big success and would love for you to look at the video and pictures we have included below.

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