Easter 2022 Merch Collection

God Loves Company

Website Development
April 2022

Easter 2022 Merch Collection

Easter 2022 Merch Collection

Project Description

God Loves Company is a religious clothing brand founded by Will Bogdan who is knows as simpking247 on TikTok. Will has over 342k followers across his social media pages and almost 22 million likes on his TikTok videos.

     Will wanted to turn his passion for spreading the word of god into a successful business that allows for his message to reach even more people. Will had great ideas and a good vision for his company, but did not know where to start. He challenged RMH Productions to create his entire company and vision from scratch. We always believe the best place to start for any company is its logo. The logo is the most important element of a company's brand identity, and it helps to visually communicate what the business is about and what it stands for. A well-designed logo can help to create a strong, cohesive brand image and can make a business more easily recognizable and memorable to customers. The logo is often the first thing that people will notice about the company, so it is important to make sure that it reflects the values and personality of God Loves Company. We spent hours with Will to try and fully understand the goal of his company so that we could design the best logo that truly represented his company. Finally we had found the logo.

God Loves Company Key Logo

     God Loves Company wanted to represent a bold message that everyone could understand from the moment they saw it. We knew that such a bold message needed to be the main focus of this logo design. Working together with Will we created the perfect mix between brand identity and the message that God Loves Company wanted to share.

"God is the key to life"

     As soon as Will said this in one of our meetings, the team had an light bulb go off. What if we incorporated this idea straight into the logo. It fit perfectly into the God Loves Message and the God Loves logo. We took the initials "GL" from God Loves and was able to manipulate the letters to create the perfect key. These pieces all perfectly fit together to create the great brand you see today.


     The next thing God Loves Company needed was a great website for all of Will's followers to easy shop on. We wanted to make sure the website worked well on all mobile devices. This was especially important for a TikTok and social media brand because most people will be viewing the site on their mobile devices. Feel free to take a look at what we created by clicking the image below or visiting godloves.company

Website Thumbnail

Graphic Design

     Will wanted this company to be a clothing brand that had a special message behind it. The goal of his clothes is to spread the word of god in a unique and fashionable way. RMH Productions helped to create many apparel designs and helped to source the manufacturer that would be a great business partner for the long term. We let Will guide the direction as to the designs and styles he was looking for with his brand. Our goal for this project and for all of our projects is to turn our client's vision into real life. RMH Productions wants to create a relationship with our clients that will last for years to come. We will always do anything in our power to make sure our client is satisfied with our work. RMH Productions continues to help God Loves with all of their designs and has become a successful business relationship that will continue to develop long term success.

Chosen Hoodie Design

Video Production

     Now that we had a brand identity and a place for people to shop, connect, and explore everything God Loves, we could begin to create amazing video advertisements that could be placed in the TikTok videos that Will creates. RMH Productions meet with Will multiple times to discover his vision for the videos and what the goals of the project would be. The final outcome were a collection of great videos that highlighted the entire collection for the Easter 2022 Drop. These videos are placed on each product page to allow for customers to see what the item will actually look like while they are wearing it. Below is just a short example of a highlight video for the entire collection:

Project Assets


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