All Roads Travel / Celcius

Video Production
November 2023



Project Description


All Roads Travel, a dynamic travel and lifestyle company, approached RMH Productions to create visual content for Celsius, a popular fitness drink brand. The target audience for this project was the college demographic, with a focus on promoting the Celsius brand while showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of the UGA x Ole Miss tailgate.


The primary goal was to enhance brand recognition and awareness for Celsius within the college community. Additionally, the collaboration aimed to highlight All Roads Travel's involvement in facilitating the production of engaging content. The overarching theme was to portray college students "Living Fit" with Celsius, aligning with the brand's health and wellness values.


RMH Productions meticulously planned and executed the project by immersing themselves in the tailgating experience across the University of Georgia campus. The team spent considerable time at various tailgates, strategically capturing candid moments of college students enjoying themselves while incorporating Celsius into their festivities.

Content Creation:

The output of the collaboration included a 30-second recap video and a collection of 30 high-quality photos. The video seamlessly integrated footage from the tailgates, showcasing the lively atmosphere, camaraderie among students, and the prominent presence of Celsius. The photos captured the energy and spirit of the event, emphasizing the brand's association with an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Success Metrics:

RMH Productions considered the project a great success, as they effectively met the set objectives. The content created not only reflected the desired brand image for Celsius but also showcased the positive impact of All Roads Travel's involvement in facilitating the production. The success was measured not only in the quality of the visuals but also in the resonance the content had with the target audience.

Future Collaboration:

Expressing satisfaction with the collaboration, RMH Productions conveyed enthusiasm about the possibility of working with All Roads Travel, and potentially Celsius, again in the future. The positive outcome of the UGA x Ole Miss tailgate project laid a foundation for a potential ongoing partnership, demonstrating the effectiveness of the collaboration in achieving the shared objectives.

In conclusion, the collaboration between All Roads Travel, RMH Productions, and Celsius successfully leveraged the energetic college environment to promote the brand and create engaging content. The project's success was not only evident in the delivered visuals but also in the potential for future collaborations between the parties involved.

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